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Other Advertising Media vs. Google Ad Grants

advertising mediaWarning! If you’re savvy with Google Ad Grants, you don’t need to read this. This article is basic stuff. But it’s written from the perspective that while speaking with nonprofits about their Ad Grants, not all really get what it is. Or more specifically, they think it’s like something else. And usually the “something else” is a more common type of ad media. So, with the intent of really ensuring a firm grounding of the basics, let’s review some fundamentals.


Different types of advertising media have unique characteristics that need to be respected to maximize performance.  Google Ad Grants (part of digital advertising) is different from traditional media and if your way of thinking does not embrace how it may be best utilized, your nonprofit isn’t getting its message out to the world as effectively as it could.

OVERLY SIMPLIFIED EXAMPLESRead More »Other Advertising Media vs. Google Ad Grants

Nonprofit Marketing Performance: First Step

Marketing is the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization. But how can you increase the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s marketing performance?

Of course there are many marketing channels available. Even if a nonprofit’s “marketing” might be as simple as the benefits of naturally occurring word-of-mouth promotion (which relies on the propagation of a story through personal contacts), there are always ways performance can be improved. For example, word-of-mouth promotion could be improved by something as simple as establishing a memorable and concise message (tag line) that supporters could readily repeat to others. Although this can be quite effective, it is limited in range and speed.Read More »Nonprofit Marketing Performance: First Step

Google Ad Grants Story Triangle

Google Ad Grants Story Triangle

Today we’re going to talk about successful use of Google Ad Grants with the right story.

Successful use of Google Ad Grants breaks down into two main areas:

  1. Mechanics (the nuts and bolts of Google Ad Grants)
  2. Creative Strategies (includes story development, the main topic of today’s message)

“Mechanics” can be learned. In fact, the mechanics of Google Ad Grants will need to be learned to take advantage of these ongoing grants, in the same way a person would need to learn to drive a car to use it for transportation.

Having said that, it’s the “creative strategies” that will generate results. This boils down to “What will be advertised?” This is a huge topic, and it all begins with your unique, nonprofit story.Read More »Google Ad Grants Story Triangle

The Art and Science of Google Ad Grants

Learning and applying the Art and Science of Google Ad Grants for fundraising and telling your story is one of the most powerful online promotional opportunities available to your nonprofit.

Google Ad Grants is for nonprofits only. Google Ad Grants provides a $10K/mo advertising budget for use on their Google Adwords platform, which is an online service that places advertisements near the list of search results. Stated another way, Google Ad Grants is the nonprofit version of AdWords, which is Google’s online advertising service and Google’s primary source of revenue.Read More »The Art and Science of Google Ad Grants

Which Nonprofits Are Qualified and Unqualified for Google Ad Grants?

Nonprofit MarketingGoogle Ad Grants is a free and ongoing $10,000/month Google advertising budget available for most nonprofits.

It’s best use is for community building, which then becomes a source for volunteers and fundraising. Visit the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle for more information.

The following details describe which types of nonprofits are qualified and unqualified for Google Ad Grants.Read More »Which Nonprofits Are Qualified and Unqualified for Google Ad Grants?

What is Google Adwords and How Does it Relate to Google Ad Grants?

Google Adwords is a marketing service that provides the opportunity for advertisers to promote their products or services to people who are already searching online for them via Google’s Search Engine. This is accomplished by the placement of ads above and below the list of search results that are visible when people search with Google.

Advertisers pay when Internet searchers click on the ads. This is known as Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC).

The Google AdWords platform allows advertisers to target specific geographical areas, including locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Read More »What is Google Adwords and How Does it Relate to Google Ad Grants?