Mission Statement

Nonprofit Fire supports socially conscious causes through marketing and advertising.

About Nonprofit Fire

Nonprofit Fire is a marketing and advertising agency for nonprofits.

We provide free and paid services to help nonprofits:

  • Get their message out to the world on a massive scale
  • Build large, online communities
  • Bolster fundraising

Our specialty is educating nonprofits about Google Ad Grants, as well as expertly managing Google Ad Grants on behalf of nonprofits.

Google provides up to $10,000 per month in online advertising, on an ongoing basis, and for no cost, to eligible nonprofits (up to $120,000 per year).

This website provides free information about the advantages and disadvantages of Google Ad Grants, as well as free information and training on how to use it.

A good place to start is by downloading The Good And Bad of Google Ad Grants, which provides an informed overview, a strategic roadmap and experienced words of caution. The report is free and is valuable to nonprofits who are learning about Google Ad Grants.

For eligible nonprofits that don’t already have Google Ad Grants, we can get it for you.

Founder of NonProfit Fire

Located in downtown Ventura, CA., Nonprofit Fire is a subsidiary of Skyworks Marketing, both founded by George Alger. (Skyworks Marketing is for commercial entities and Nonprofit Fire is for nonprofit organizations).

George has been a community and nonprofit advocate for over two decades, highlighted in recent years through supporting hundreds of nonprofit organizations and community advocates through his award-winning, weekly television series, Our Ventura TV.

Additionally, George has been a marketing/advertising and media professional for over two decades, including as an executive on a team that built a health product and information business from nothing to over $100 million dollars in 3 years, through online marketing, direct mail and national TV advertising.

Furthermore, he wrote The Good and Bad of Google Ad Grants to help nonprofits determine if Google Ad Grants is worth the effort for their nonprofit.

He also developed the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle to help nonprofits gain more value from Google Ad Grants.

And for those nonprofits who wish to use Google Ad Grants, he created the free, educational training series, How To Use Google Ad Grants.

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