Keywords with Google Ad Grants

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Keywords with Google Ad Grants represent a fundamental foundation of online nonprofit marketing.

Keywords are not only the very foundation of Google Ad Grants, Google Adwords and Pay Per Click advertising, they are a vital aspect of Internet marketing, in general.

Keywords represent the language that you and I are using to search for things online. In fact, the term “Keyword Phrases” would be even more appropriately descriptive, since we often search with more than one single word.

Although there is much that can be said about keywords, particularly in regards to marketing, for our purposes, we need to understand that with Google Ad Grants, Google Adwords and Pay Per Click advertising, everything starts with keywords.

When you and I and any Internet searchers use Google or any other search engine, we type words into the search box to find what we’re looking for. The results that are returned – whether they’re natural results or paid advertisements – are displayed because they are relevant to the words we used in the search box.

The main point here is that when we are creating ads in Google Adwords, as part of the Google Ad Grants program, we need to determine which keywords are relevant for our ads, so that our ads are displayed to the searchers who are seeking what we’re offering.

For example, if our nonprofit has a purpose to help people with a specific issue, we would want to place our ads in front of people who are searching for information about that issue. We would accomplish that by selecting and bidding on keywords related to that issue.

Although we are bidding with real money, of course for nonprofits that are using Google Ad Grants, Google is providing that money.

In other words, to succeed with Google Ad Grants, and more precisely, to succeed in accomplishing our individual nonprofit goals, we need to make sure we are bidding on the right keywords.

There is more to understand about keywords and how they relate to the marketing strategies used to raise funds, gain more volunteers and tell our nonprofit story. We’ll be getting more into that as we continue through this educational series on HOW TO USE GOOGLE AD GRANTS.