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Guaranteed Perpetual Fundraising Engine for Nonprofits

Webinar Recording of the Guaranteed Perpetual Fundraising Engine for Nonprofits (23 min)

  • Introduction to Google Ad Grants.
  • Example of Google Ad Grants.
  • How to use Google Ad Grants for fundraising.
  • Ongoing, large-scale, community building.
  • Online community fundraising for nonprofits.
  • The primary error most nonprofits make when using Google Ad Grants.
  • Nonprofit storytelling (for marketing and fundraising).
  • Why “Think Globally, Act Locally” is vital for this fundraising system.
  • Important statistics about crowdfunding.
  • How to ensure success with nonprofit crowdfunding, in spite of the statistics.
  • Donor “Rewards” for nonprofit crowdfunding.
  • How to integrate paid online advertising, social media advertising, print advertising, radio and TV for nonprofit fundraising.
  • Labor required for successful online fundraising with the Perpetual Fundraising Engine.
  • Combining Professional Fundraisers with online fundraising.
  • Google Ad Grants qualifications and Perpetual Fundraising Engine qualifications.
  • The Perpetual Fundraising Engine and the responsibilities of nonprofits.
  • Trouble areas to avoid.
  • Flowcharts and graphics on how the Perpetual Fundraising Engine works.
  • How the Perpetual Fundraising Engine ultimately results in ongoing fundraising for nonprofits, with no more out-of-pocket costs in the future.
    • There are costs in the beginning. But they are guaranteed to be covered by the money raised and then there are no more additional out-of-pocket costs for the nonprofits. It becomes ongoing FREE fundraising.

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