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Scotty SandersWe had Google Ad Grants but we weren’t seeing much in the way of results, even though we were paying a professional to manage it. Nonprofit Fire developed a new campaign for us and we went from a handful of inquiries a month to many hundreds of new people joining our community every month. If you want to get your nonprofit message out to the world, I highly recommend Nonprofit Fire!

Scotty Sanders, Founder of Quest of the Keys
A new kind of character education

Roland DykesWe started working locally to help teenagers learn more about a career in the fire services. We didn’t even have a website. Nonprofit Fire got us online and on local TV and expanded our vision internationally. Our ‘story’ was simplified and advertised with Google Ad Grants, which I had never even heard of. Since then, every single day new people join the thousands in our online community. It never stops. And we’re just getting started!

Roland Dykes, Founder of Future Firefighters
Preparing tomorrow’s firefighters, today

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