Instant Download: The Good & Bad of Google Ad Grants

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Google provides $10,000 per month in Google online advertising — for free — to qualified nonprofit organizations.

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Discover whether this in-kind Google gift of $120,00.00 per year is truly worth it for your nonprofit. (Hint: Most nonprofits qualify, but it’s still “not” worth it for all that are eligible). But for those who can take advantage of Google’s advertising platform, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to raise money, recruit volunteers, and monumentally tell your nonprofit story.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Which Nonprofits are Qualified and Unqualified for Google Ad Grants
  • How To Receive $10,000/mo Google Advertising
  • Google Ad Grants Limitations
  • How Not To LOSE Google Ad Grants
  • Whether You Should Even Bother to Get Started