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Perpetual Fundraising Engine For Nonprofits (2min above)

GUARANTEE: We provide free and paid services to help nonprofits get the most out of Google Ad Grants. If you take advantage of our paid services, we guarantee that we will obtain Google Ad Grants for your qualified nonprofit, or your money back.

  • Uses Google Ad Grants
  • $10K/mo Online Advertising Budget
  • $10K Perpetually Renewed Monthly
  • $120K Ads Each Year for Your Nonprofit
  • Biggest Advertising Platform in the World!
  • Free for Nonprofits



  • Build a Massive Community
  • Community Becomes Source of Fundraising
  • Community Becomes Source of Volunteers
  • Community Becomes Source of Advocates
  • Get Your Message Out to the World!
  • Tremendous Promotion of Your Nonprofit Story


How The Perpetual Fundraising Engine Works (8min)

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Perpetual Fundraising Engine Components

The primary components of the Perpetual Fundraising Engine include:

  • Google Ad Grants
  • Story development with the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle
  • Conceiving and creating free giveaways for community building
  • Perpetual community building
  • Content creation for community nurturing
  • Social media advertising
  • Paid Internet advertising
  • Ongoing fundraising
  • Fundraising pays for the paid advertising
  • Continuous promotion of your nonprofit story

The Perpetual Fundraising Engine is an online community-building system that is built around your unique nonprofit story.

This system features continuous national (or global) marketing, advertising and publicity campaigns for purposes of large-scale, online, community development and fundraising.

All of the above is for the purpose of routine fundraising. (Revenue for the paid advertising is derived from a percentage of the fundraising, which means paid advertising starts later).

It is from this ever-expanding, online community that revenue is generated for your cause through a variety of means, including crowdfunding. More fundraising can be gained through a community aligned with your cause than by seeking donations from people who have little familiarity with your nonprofit.

As a point of emphasis, the key is building a massive online community that supports your nonprofit story.

This integrated fundraising system provides an ongoing revenue stream for your nonprofit that is intended to increase year after year.

Implement the Perpetual Fundraising Engine with your own resources and/or contact Nonprofit Fire for support.

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