#1 Error Using Google Ad Grants (90sec)

The #1 error that nonprofits make when using Google Ad Grants is coincidentally one of the most common errors.

The #1 error is placing ads on the internet that state something along the lines of how good a nonprofit you are and asking for money.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking for money and that should be done. But just like in real life, most successful nonprofit fundraising begins by establishing a relationship with individuals and through that relationship informing them about the good works of your nonprofit.

Then, you ask for money.

The key is to use Google Ad Grants to advertise messages that will connect with individuals who are in some way aligned with your nonprofit story and to build a large community of these people. The community needs to be continuously nurtured through email and social media to inform them about your nonprofit’s good works. The community then becomes a source of volunteers and fundraising for your cause.

In brief, use Google Ad Grants to build a community and nurture relationships.

Then ask for money.

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