Other Advertising Media vs. Google Ad Grants

advertising mediaADVERTISING MEDIA

Different advertising media have unique characteristics that need to be respected to maximize performance.  Google Ad Grants (part of digital advertising ) is different from traditional media and if your way of thinking does not embrace how it may be best utilized, your nonprofit is missing out on getting your message out to the world more effectively.


  • TV and video messages benefit from audio and visual components.
  • Radio, of course, relies solely on audio.
  • Magazine print ads can connect better to the viewer if they align with the specific magazine’s reader demographics.
  • Billboards work best with fewer words.
  • Google Ad Grants requires the proper use of “Keywords” and “Story.” You need keywords that have sufficient search volume, as well as a marketing story that relates to your nonprofit mission and a free giveaway that each work together with all points of the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle. No matter how well you handle the technical aspects of Google Ad Grants, if you don’t have the right story, your advertising will not yield impressive results.


Fundamental to Google Ad Grants is using the Story Triangle to build a community around your nonprofit story. The community is then continually informed and nurtured with ongoing information about your nonprofit. Of course a necessary role the community serves is supporting your nonprofit with fundraising.

Using the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle to constantly expand your online community is an important foundation for your nonprofit’s future success.

Regardless of whether Nonprofit Fire manages your Google Ad Grants, or you do, or anyone else does, the best way to maximize your results is by using the “Google Ad Grants Story Triangle.” This will help you craft the right messaging, keywords and giveaway to gain the greatest exposure for your nonprofit mission via Google’s advertising.

Google Ad Grants Story Triangle

Put the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle to use and your Google Ad Grants performance will markedly improve.