Nonprofit Marketing ServicesNonprofit Fire provides free and economical marketing and advertising services for nonprofits. Nonprofit Fire is a subsidiary of Skyworks Marketing, which is a marketing and advertising agency for businesses, with an emphasis on video, TV and online advertising.

As such, Nonprofit Fire also provides free and economical video, TV and services for nonprofits.

NonProfit Fire Marketing and Advertising Services

We provide free and paid services to help nonprofits:

  • Get their message out to the world on a massive scale
  • Build large, online communities
  • Bolster fundraising

Our specialty is educating nonprofits about Google Ad Grants, as well as creatively using these ongoing advertising grants to help nonprofits.


Vital for any nonprofit considering Google Ad Grants
HOW TO USE GOOGLE AD GRANTS (Free email training)
Required for any nonprofit with Google Ad Grants
GOOGLE AD GRANTS STORY TRIANGLE (Free fundamentals for using Google Ad Grants)
5-1/2 minute video that outlines the 3 basic elements for making Google Ad Grants work for your nonprofit.
CABLE TV INTERVIEW AND BROADCAST (Also published online and social media)
Free: Primarily for nonprofits and community advocates in Ventura County, CA. However, guests have arrived, and are welcome, from all over California and from across the nation. See Our Ventura TV.


Google Ad Grants Management services start as low as $360/mo. Click “Contact” to request full pricing.

Google Ad Grants Management
Text Ad Conception
Text Ad Writing
Text Ad Testing
Google Ad Grants Monthly Reports
Marketing Data Analysis
Marketing Data Analysis

Email Database Setup
Email Database Management
Email Auto-Responder Setup
Email Auto-Responder Mgmt

Website Development
Landing Page Conception
Landing Page Writing
Landing Page Production
Landing Page Graphics/Video
Landing Page Testing

Display Ad Conception
Display Ad Writing
Display Ad Production
Display Ad Testing

Newsletter Creation
Newsletter Management
Article Conception
Article Writing
Graphics Production

Press Release Conception
Press Release Writing
Press Release Distribution

Radio Spot Conception
Radio Spot Writing
Radio Spot Production
Radio Spot Testing

Print Ad Conception
Print Ad Writing
Print Ad Production
Print Ad Testing

Community Building

Story Development
Story Testing

Integrative Story Advertising
Competitive Research

TV Spot Conception
TV Spot Writing
TV Spot Production
TV Spot Testing

PSA Conception
PSA Writing
PSA Production
PSA Testing

Other Video Conception
Other Video Writing
Other Video Production
Other Video Testing

Social Advertising Conception
Social Advertising Writing
Social Advertising Production
Social Advertising Testing

Crowdfunding Conception
Crowdfunding Writing
Crowdfunding Graphics
Crowdfunding Videos
Crowdfunding Messages
Crowdfunding Execution
Post-Crowdfunding Followup
Crowdfunding Multiple Platforms
Crowdfunding Ongoing Mgmt
Incentive Development
Incentive Conception
Incentive Writing
Incentive Production
Incentive Testing

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