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Need to get your 501(c)3 nonprofit message out to the world? Could your nonprofit benefit from a massive online community? Founder has over 20 years marketing, advertising and nonprofit experience.

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  • If you don’t have Google Ad Grants, we’ll get it for you
  • If your Google Ad Grants has been suspended, we’ll get it reinstated

Monthly Pricing: Google Ad Grants Management and Nonprofit Community Building

GAGC = Google Ad Grants Compliance
GAGM = Google Ad Grants Management
CB = Community Building
CPB = Community Power Building

GAG Compliance Mgmt$100FREEFREEFREE
GAG Management-$360FREEFREE
Web Mgmt (Wordpress)--$150$150
Database/Newsletter Mgmt (Aweber)--$100$100
Content Creation--$350$350
Facebook Advertising---$200
Cross-Platform Retargeting---$150
TOTAL MONTHLY$100$360$600$950
One-Time Startup$100$360$600$950


a) No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.
b) Aweber is an independent email/database/newsletter service. Separate payment is made to them: prices start at $20/mo.
c) Content creation includes 2 articles/mo and 6 videos/yr.
d) Facebook Advertising and Retargeting require a separate monthly ad budget. We recommend at least $100/mo although more is better.
e) The success of Google Ad Grants and our community-building program is contingent upon your Google Ad Grants Story.
f) If you need help with Story Development, we have a separate consulting service (see below).  We also offer free Google Ad Grants Story Development training.
g) See further below for more info, our very cool GUARANTEES and your nonprofit’s yellow crown. 🙂

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Google Ad Grants Compliance Management

2018 was a big year for Google Ad Grants. They instituted new rules! Many nonprofits have been losing their Google Ad Grants due to noncompliance with the new rules. We can help. Although we’d recommend our full Google Ad Grants Management service, if you wish, we’ll just manage your compliance issues so that you can keep your ads running all year long. We cannot guarantee that you will not continue to receive 30-day suspension notices, since that depends upon your specific campaigns. But we do guarantee that we’ll keep you compliant and in most cases we will re-establish compliance before the suspension takes effect so your ads continue to run uninterrupted.

Google Ad Grants Management

For many nonprofits, Google Ad Grants is their best marketing partner. Although the grants are free, making it work productively can be a challenge. Let us handle this for you. Our Google Ad Grants Management service includes:

  • Get Google Ad Grants for your nonprofit if you don’t have it
  • Reinstate your Google Ad Grants if it’s suspended
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Testing
  • Ad Optimization
  • Unlimited Ad Groups
  • CTR Optimization
  • Keyword Quality Score Optimization
  • Transparent Management (you have full account login privileges)
  • Monthly Reporting

WordPress Website Management

$175/mo (less expensive with package price above)
Way before Nonprofit Fire was a twinkle in the eye of its founder, we developed websites from scratch (in the 90’s). Then at the turn of the century, we gravitated to Content Management Systems and then we turned our focus to WordPress. All that means to you is we’ve got some experience. If you’re a nonprofit and you need a great website for an economical price, the door is open.

Additionally, as part of our package pricing (top of page), you not only get a reduced price, but these services are includes for no extra cost:

  • Landing Page Advisement
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Google Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking

Database/Newsletter Management

$150/mo (less expensive with package price above)
Sure, we get it. You already have a newsletter (as you should!). How’s it working for you? Is it integrated with your Google Ad Grants and social media? Although newsletters are not as effective as they used to be, they’re still a very economical way to build and nurture an online community to educate them about your nonprofit story. Need some support? Or want to have this elegantly integrated hand-in-glove with your Google Ad Grants advertising? You’ve come to the right place. With Google Ad Grants we can massively increase your community.

Content Creation

$500/mo (less expensive with package price above)
Hopefully you’ve been developing articles, videos, courses, infographics, research papers, webinars, live events and other types of content pertinent to your stakeholders for a long time already. (Just kidding. Few small nonprofits can do all that). Ongoing content development is a potent way to keep informing the world and your community of your good work. And we’re here to support you. This is absolutely critical to community engagement and fundraising success. For more information, visit the “Community Nurturing” section of the Good and Bad of Google Ad Grants.

Paid Facebook Advertising

$250/mo (less expensive with package price above)
GOOD NEWS: Yay! Sometime in the past several years your nonprofit made it to Facebook.

BAD NEWS: For many nonprofits, Facebook and social media, in general, are not very productive (there are exceptions). Using social media productively is analogous to having a phone on your camera. Everyone has one but not everyone is a good photographer. In other words, everyone can use social media but not all are capitalizing on it in a meaningful way.

PROBLEM: Part of the problem is that Facebook has changed since its early days. No longer are they showing your posts to the majority of your followers. Surprise! They want you to pay for that privilege. But to make things more interesting, paying here and there, for many, is a real-world intro to the results of amateur advertising: It’s rarely strategic or productive.

MORE GOOD NEWS: By integrating even a small social media budget with your existing Google Ad Grants, along with a professional, honest-to-God advertising strategy (who knew?), you can exponentially increase the power of your social media advertising, as well as the impact of your Google Ad Grants. It’s a giganticus whammy of goodness. Shoot us a message to find out more.


$200/mo (less expensive with package price above)
It’s magic. It’s a gift of the Gods. It’s how the common man (and nonprofits) can level the playing field with big advertisers. It’s how we can show ads, on other ad platforms, to people that visited your website but didn’t sign up for anything or make a purchase. For example, after they visited your website we can show them ads on their favorite news or other sites that display ads. It’s the single, greatest advertising opportunity available to small and medium size players. If you learn nothing else from this website, realize that if you can correctly leverage a small ad budget, in parallel with your Google Ad Grants, you will gain extensively more than with any of these services by themselves. (It does need to be executed professionally).


Want to expand your nonprofit? Jeez, through luck or good fortune, you are in the right place! Nonprofit Fire is a marketing, advertising and media agency. Click “Contact” and give us a shout to schedule a free consultation.

Traditional Paid Advertising

Want to magnify the reach of your Google Ad Grants with traditional paid advertising? We’re talking about direct mail, print, radio, TV, as well as all kinds of online advertising, etc. Oh my, do we have tons of experience in this area.

And it’s all the more powerful when used in conjunction with Google Ad Grants.

Crowdfunding Management

In addition to planning online and crowdfunding campaigns, this service includes day-to-day management of your resources to execute online fundraising and especially crowdfunding. And if you’ve already been down this road before, you are well informed that it’s a bunch of work with an uncertain outcome. We’ll lessen your burden and change the odds in your favor.  For planning and execution purposes, consider a 5-month timeline for a 30-day fundraising campaign: 60-day planning; 30-day pre-launch campaign; 30-day primary campaign; 30-day post-launch campaign.  For some nonprofits, contemplating a longer planning part of the timeline would be prudent.

TV/Video Production

We’re really not trying to keep it a secret, but especially if you don’t live in Southern California you may not be aware of our awards and mentions in newspapers and magazines regarding our TV and video productions for nonprofits. Regardless of where your nonprofit is located in the world, you can benefit from our scripting, video editing, visual effects and extensive stock video libraries without coming to our studio. We also hire videographers around the world, so we can get stuff shot for you, if you don’t have access to local professionals.

If you are in Southern California, or plan on visiting, you are welcome to schedule some time with us. We have free and paid TV and video production services. For example, if you’d like to be a guest (no cost) on our weekly TV show, please schedule early, we are usually booked many weeks in advance. (See Our Ventura TV to get scheduled). For paid services, regardless of where you are located in the world, we have some very economical opportunities for nonprofits.

Strategic ‘Story’ Consulting (the good stuff)

This is the crown jewel of our services. It can change the very nature of how your nonprofit communicates to the world. It’s a profoundly unique 3-4 month consulting process, based on the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle and over two decades of marketing and advertising experience for nonprofits (and businesses). We’ll meet over the phone, once a week, to refine a marketing vision for your nonprofit. Not only will this maximize the potential for your Google Ad Grants (and other marketing and advertising opportunities), it can change the most fundamental messaging of your nonprofit. We’re not trying to amend your mission, we’re simply unearthing and refining a more powerful way to present it. This service, by itself, is only $3,500 dollars for the full 3-4 months experience (until we achieve the intended result).


If you don’t have Google Ad Grants, we guarantee that we’ll get it for you, or your money back.

If your Google Ad Grants has been suspended, we guarantee that we’ll get it reinstated, or your money back.

90-Day Jumpstart Guarantee

This guarantee is applicable when you take advantage of our NPF Strategic Story Consulting and begins when our new advertising related to your new story begins.

GOT GOOGLE AD GRANTS? WE GUARANTEE that we’ll boost your Google Ad Grants performance in 90 days, or we’ll give you the next 90 days free.

WANT GOOGLE AD GRANTS? WE GUARANTEE we’ll expand your online community more in 90 days than anything you’re doing, or the next 90 days are free.

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