FREE EMAIL COURSE: Learn HOW TO USE GOOGLE AD GRANTS to raise money, recruit volunteers and tell your nonprofit story through Google’s advertising platform. This generous in-kind Google gift is worth $120,00.00 per year in online promotional opportunity.

Google provides $10,000 per month in Google online advertising — for free — to qualified nonprofit organizations. This can be used … or stated more appropriately … this SHOULD be used … by all qualified nonprofits to help forward their cause and to achieve their goals.

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* Which Nonprofits are Qualified and Unqualified for Google Ad Grants
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* How To Raise Awareness For Your Nonprofit Story
* How To Explode Your Email Subscribers
* How To Increase Donations
* How To Expand Your Volunteer Base
* Best Practices For Nonprofit Marketing

How to Use Google Ad Grants (1min, 40sec Video)

Every qualifying nonprofit should be using Google Ad Grants to tell their story, to generate more supporters and to increase donations. Failing to take advantage of this generous in-kind Google gift is akin to losing $120,00.00 in online promotional opportunity — each and every year.

When used as directed by Google, this budget will be automatically renewed month after month, year after year, for no cost. If not used as directed, Google will discontinue granting the budget to those individual nonprofits that do not follow their guidelines.

Although Google Ad Grants could be used to simply drive more traffic to your website, NonProfit Fire’s story development and professional management of this online advertising platform would provide far better results pertaining to the key areas of support for your specific nonprofit.