Google Ad Grants Changes

Google Ad Grants ChangesThese past 2 years, and especially here in 2018, have seen the most significant changes that Google has implemented for their Ad Grants program since it was established in 2003. Not all are happy with the changes. In fact, many have lost their Google Ad Grants.

But by using Google Ad Grants per their requirements, you’ll be able to continue to reap the benefits of their advertising into the future. Just manage your Google Ad Grants as if you were the one spending the money.


In 2016, over Labor Day weekend, Google discontinued their “Grants Pro” program, which provided $40K/mo in Ad Grants to qualified nonprofits. (In brief, nonprofits needed to prove they were using the $10K/mo ad grants appropriately, over time, to be eligible for the $40K/mo).

On Jan 1 of 2018, Google introduced more stringent requirements to continue to receive their $10K/mo Ad Grants. And here, in the middle of 2018, many nonprofits have lost, or will be losing, their Ad Grants. But keep in mind, it’s only those nonprofits that are not maintaining compliance with Google Ad Grants rules who are at risk.


If you ensure that you use Google Ad Grants per their requirements, you’ll continue to enjoy their advertising benefits into the future.

Further good news is that it’s just as easy, now, to get Google Ad Grants for the first time, as it has ever been.

In effect, Google is simply re-prioritizing the program so that only those nonprofits who are the most sincere about using the Ad Grants get to continue to keep benefiting from them.


Once you’ve lost Google Ad Grants, it may not be as easy to get it back, as it was when initially signing up. But we have had success getting it back for nonprofits. Having said that, it’s better to rectify matters before your account is suspended.

Google also provides a 30-day “warning” window before they suspend your Ad Grants account. If you’ve received a warning and you’re not sure what to do, you’re welcome to shoot an email to Nonprofit Fire for recommendations.

If you’ve lost your Google Ad Grants, you are also welcome to shoot us a message about getting it back for you.

But in any case, whether you’ve lost your Ad Grants, or if you’ve been warned that you will be losing it, it’s imperative that the account be brought into compliance.


Some nonprofits have expressed concern that bringing their account into compliance has reduced the effectiveness of the advertising. It’s true that the new requirements necessitate more work to keep the performance high. But the best results still, as always, center upon “what” you’re advertising.

If your nonprofit was spending the advertising money out of its own bank account, then you might be even more interested in how that money is spent. Which is exactly how for-profit “businesses” use Google’s advertisements. And that’s really what Google wants nonprofits to do.

In brief, just treat Google Ad Grants professionally, just as businesses do, which will make the advertising more meaningful for your organization.


One thing that has not changed is the Google Ad Grants Story Triangle. This is still the best way to help nonprofits maximize the value of their Google Ad Grants. Please visit the link below if you’d like to review how that works. It is the key to successful use of Google Ad Grants.


Google Ad Grants Story Triangle