Comparison of Professional Nonprofit Fundraising Services


  • Expensive
  • Keep Paying
  • No Guarantee
  • Can Lose Money
  • Your Community at Risk

  • Economical
  • Becomes Free Fundraising!
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Cannot Lose
  • We Build a New Community
  • Becomes an Ongoing and Free Marketing and Publicity Engine
  • Massive Promotion of Your Nonprofit Story

How the Perpetual Fundraising Engine Works

Perpetual Fundraising Engine Benefits

  • Large-scale marketing and promotion for your nonprofit
  • Guaranteed fundraising
  • Unique, custom, story development for Google Ad Grants
  • Combines Google Ad Grants, paid Internet advertising, social media and paid media, in addition to traditional fundraising and crowdfunding
  • Award-winning video and TV production supporting your story (TV production examples)
  • Proven, long-term marketing and advertising results
  • Perpetual community building for your nonprofit
  • Transparent fundraising
  • Ultimately, it becomes FREE perpetual fundraising!

Visit the following link for much more details about how the Perpetual Fundraising Engine works:

The guaranteed Perpetual Fundraising Engine is an online community-building system that is built around your unique nonprofit story.

This system features continuous national (or global) marketing, advertising and publicity campaigns for purposes of large-scale, online, community development and fundraising.

It is from this ever-expanding, online community that revenue is generated for your cause through a variety of means, including crowdfunding. More fundraising can be gained through a community aligned with your cause than by seeking donations from people who have little familiarity with your nonprofit.

We nurture this community by providing ongoing educational and/or entertaining content, such as videos, research reports, email courses, photos, articles, etc., as well as events and activities. This content stream serves the community and forwards your nonprofit story.

We GUARANTEE that the money your nonprofit pays to initiate this system will be paid back in full and that we will continue to raise money for no additional out-of-pocket costs for your nonprofit
. After no more than one year we will be providing your nonprofit an ongoing no-cost marketing and fundraising service. Nonprofit Fire retains a percentage of the fundraising for remuneration.

The primary components of this system include:

  • Story development
  • Conceiving and creating free giveaways for community building
  • Perpetual community building
  • Content creation for community nurturing
  • Google Ad Grants management
  • Paid Internet advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid traditional media (TV, radio, print, etc.)
  • Ongoing performance testing of keywords, ads, web pages and content
  • Email database management
  • Optional: Creating and documentary for your nonprofit story
  • Optional: Supporting the creation and marketing of a book re your nonprofit story

All of the above is for the purpose of routine fundraising. (Revenue for the paid advertising is derived from a percentage of the fundraising, which means paid advertising starts later).

The key is building a massive online community that supports your nonprofit story. Hence, establishing the most effective messaging and content through heavy data analysis, in conjunction with community building and community nurturing, is where the majority of efforts are directed.

This integrated fundraising system provides an ongoing revenue stream for your nonprofit that is intended to increase year after year.

There are over 85 services that comprise the Perpetual Fundraising Engine. Please visit Services for the complete list.

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